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Profile - Wee-Eong Teo

Wee-Eong Teo is one of the pioneers in extending the capability of electrospinning to construct unique nanofibrous structures. Notable achivements include developing setups for fabricating nanofibrous tube with controlled fiber alignment, fabrication of continuous nanofiber yarns and three-dimensional nanofiber blocks. He has shown that a dynamic fluid collector is able to modify the resultant electrospun nanofiber structure.

His interest in biomedical devices led to the development of unique nanofibers structures for use as vascular graft, peripheral nerve regeneration graft, bone graft, soft tissue scaffold and nanofiber coating for stents.

Wee Eong believes in the sharing of scientific knowledge and he has published over 20 peered reviewed articles. He has also mentored several students and junior researchers. He is also the co-author of the widely used text book "An Introduction to Electrospinning and Nanofibers" and his reviews are some of the most accessed papers in their respective journals.


  • Pioneered a process to fabricate continuous nanofibrous yarn.
  • Developed processes to fabricate various 3D nanofibrous structures for use as biological scaffolds
  • A pioneer in developing hierarchically organized 3D nanofibrous composite for use as bone graft
  • Development of dynamic fluid flow electrospinning method.
  • Founder of ElectrospinTech, a web-based portal for various interest groups to find out more about electrospinning and nanofibers.

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