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Electrospun Products/Service Suppliers

Company name Country Product/Service Website
BioSurfaces Inc. USA Drug loaded electrospun fibers for medical applications http://www.biosurfaces.us/
Nanofiber Separations LLC USA Separation media composed of functionalized nanofibers http://www.nanofiberseparations.com/
MANN+HUMMEL Germany Air Filters for vehicles https://www.mann-hummel.com/
fiber Trap USA Pest Control http://www.fibertrap.com
Clarcor USA Air Filters http://www.clarcor.com/
SPUR Czech Republic Water and Air Filtration membrane http://www.spur-nanotechnologies.cz/
Zeus USA Filtration membrane http://www.zeusinc.com/advanced-products/filtriq
PolyRemedy USA Wound care system http://www.polyremedy.com
PolyElements USA Tissue culture coverslips, collector accessories http://www.polyelements.com
NanoSpun Technologies Israel Developer of nanofibers for commercial application http://www.nanospuntech.com
Pardam nanotechnology Czech Republic Supplier of inorganic nanofibrous powders and polymer nanofiber membrane http://pardam.cz/
The Electrospinning Company United Kingdom Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation for electrospun biomaterials http://www.electrospinning.co.uk
Neotherix United Kingdom Manufactures nanofiber scaffold for tissue regeneration http://www.neotherix.com
Nicast Israel Nanofiber implants http://www.nicast.com
SNS Nanofiber Technology LLC USA Provider of nanofibers http://www.snsnano.com
Nanofiber Solutions USA Provide nanofiber-based cell culture consummables http://www.nanofibersolutions.com
Donaldson USA Air filters http://www.donaldson.com/en/ filtermedia/products/nanofibers.html
Finetex EnE, Inc. South Korea Nanofiber-based air filters, water filters, oil filters and textiles http://www.ftene.com/
Sorbent Russia Petryanov Filtering Cloth, air filters and mask http://www.sorbent.su/eng/
Sigma Aldrich USA Nanofiber culture plates http://www.sigmaaldrich.com
Esfil Techno Estonia Filtering materials, half-masks, analytical tapes http://www.esfiltehno.ee/eng/
Cella Energy United Kingdom Low-cost hydrogen storage http://www.cellaenergy.com/
3D Biotek USA Cell culture device http://www.3dbiotek.com/
Hirose Paper Mfg Co., Ltd Japan Nanofiber coated paper http://www.hirose-paper-mfg.co.jp/
Soft Materials and Technologies S.r.l. Italy Customized nanofiber products http://www.smtnano.com/
Nano109 Co., Ltd Turkey Air Filter Media http://nano109.com/
BIOTRONIK Germany Covered Stent http://www.biotronik.com/
Arsenal Medical USA Core-shell fibers http://www.arsenalmedical.com/
Biomimetic Electrospinning Technologies Inc. USA Customized scaffold for biomedical application http://www.biomimeticespintech.com
Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company South Africa Develop and manufacture nanofiber based materials for medical applications http://www.sncfibers.com/
PolyNanoTec Germany Formulation of electrospinning material http://www.polynanotec.com/


For other electrospinning related services, see Value Chain
Published date: 23 July 2012
Last updated: 22 July 2014