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ElectrospinTech provides a platform for knowledge and information on the electrospinning process so as to advance the science and understanding of the process and the utilization of nanofibers to create new materials and products. Information found on our platform includes upstream basic research to downstream consumer products.


  • Provides an electrospinning ecosystem for the evolution of nanofibers and its application

  • Utilization of nanofibers to provide functional needs in engineered products


  • Open sharing of information will accelerate progress in science and technology while reducing resource wastage through less duplication of work and using inappropriate tools, materials and test methods
  • Greater visibility and links between research outputs (both positive and negative results)
  • Standardization of practices, data recording, materials, equipment used which will lead to more consistent results across research teams.
  • Embracing "Crowd validation" and open discussion where collective knowledge, thoughts and experience is greater than an individual. For research output - Improving accuracy and repeatability of research results. For suppliers - Improve quality control of lab supplies and equipment used.


Most of the information found here will be linked to references for those who wish to find out more or to back up hypothesis. The following are some of the information found in ElectrospinTech,

  • How electrospinning works
  • Structures that can be fabricated
  • Concepts behind various electrospinning output
  • Database of materials
  • Database of related resources
  • News and updates on electrospinning process and products
  • Opinions, reviews and comments

ElectrospinTech welcomes any comments, ideas or contribution of information for the benefit of the community.

All contributors will be given appropriate acknowledgment. We encourage comments or information to be backed up by results or references. We reserve the rights to remove or edit any comments or information that is irrelevant, misleading or spam.



ElectrospinTech has more than 8000* visitors from close to 100* countries making use of the information provided.

* As of August 2014